THE-OFFICE is a joint project of L&CM and Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku. Located in the heart of the city, the authoritative L&CM legal studio from 18:00 and on weekends becomes the artist’s Milanese Atelier, open to the public by appointment. During the year the space also presents cultural events in collaboration with private and institutional bodies, with national and international artists.
THE-OFFICE, a name given to emphasize the unusual context, opens a new formula to convey contemporary art, which combines a business need with the artistic and cultural dimension.

Vitality is a social enterprise, it is a community, it is a meeting place. It is first and foremost a laboratory of opportunities that arise from the fascination for human diversity.
We carry out research, design, training, accompaniment and communication, contributing to the re-generation of open, inclusive and integrated communities in which differences are considered resources for the common good.

The project NuoveRadici.World (new roots) has been coinceved from an intuition by Cristina Giudici and a desire for a proper narrative on immigration, unchained from preconceived ideas, prejudices, demagogy and political ideologies shaping public opinion and social behaviour. What motivated us was the urgent need to counteract a polarised debate, exclusively based on juxtaposing the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ migrant. Thus, on 2018, a cultural operation was launched in order to propose, through the use of a multi-media platform, a secular narrative to foster a better understanding of the transformation in our society.