Teenager, digital painting, NFT, 2021

«Tricolore 2022» is a social and artistic project that is aimed solely as a reflection on multicultural identity in Italy.

Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku is an Afro-Italian painter, of Congolese origins, who has long been working in the contemporary art scene.
His love for Italy can be seen in his past works, in which he painted scenes and views of Italian cities on large canvases.
Among his main works are portraits of black women that celebrate femininity. On the surface, they show faces that society in general identifies as African, but the concept of identity that the artist is seeking to explore is more profound. Very often the protagonists are actually young Afro-Italian women; so, what is it that determines identity?

We can see it, for example, in “Teenager” (2021), a painting that portrays a black girl who is pulling the classic selfie face, in vogue in recent years, showing her tongue as usual but this time with the colours of the Italian flag. In this work, the artist wanted to emphasize that one of the main elements that determines a person’s identity is the language that they speak. In Italy, it is increasingly common to know or meet young people who look like foreigners but who speak Italian well. We know that each language determines a different way of thinking, a different way of formulating and constructing reasoning.  Additionally, the tongue is also the organ connected to one of the five main senses, taste. Culture is also passed on through food and knowledge of traditional Italian dishes, for which we are known all over the world. From childhood onwards, these flavours are assimilated and become part of who we are, how we identify ourselves. Communication and nutrition are the foundation of a nation.

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Le due madri, digital painting, NFT, 2021

JANUARY 20th 2022

Opening of the international event at the Akka Project Gallery

AKKA Project brings a dynamic new dimension to the gallery experience Showcasing unique Contemporary Art from Africa and cultural initiatives to Dubai and Venice.
AKKA Project, A Kostic Khachatourian Art Project, is a commercial gallery and project space conceived to promote and support predominantly artists from the African continent.
Our galleries in Dubai and Venice are intimate spaces capable of showcasing a rich variety of mediums carefully selected. We make sure that every artwork and project communicates a personal journey, through the unique experiences in exploring the African art scene and its kaleidoscopic diversity.
In order to deepen and foster the creative process of our artists and generate dialogue, AKKA Project organizes Artists’ residencies in Venice, with a particular focus on self- taught artists; while with its friendly, glamorous and exclusive atmosphere The Living Room offers a versatile program of meetings, interviews, workshops and events where the art lovers and creative minds can live a unique experience in an art gallery setting.
We relish the freedom the gallery space offers, to reinvent what “Gallery” can mean, artistically, conceptually, and as a force for change within the wider community. In addition to planned and curated exhibitions, AKKA Project provides for presentations and exhibitions by visiting lecturers and external artists, as well as guest curators and guest institutions.

Galleria Akka Project
Ca’ del Duca 3052, Corte Duca Sforza
30124 Venezia VE
from Tuesday to Saturday

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As previously mentioned, participation in the international event will remain open to allow municipalities, museums, cultural institutions, galleries and educational institutions to join throughout the year if they are interested in hosting the format by contacting the following references: